Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Olive Oil Crackers

Aren't these the cutest? I've noticed simple cracker recipes like this over the last couple years and mentally filed the idea away as something I'd like to try. The perfect opportunity final came up, and I wanted to test out my adorable square, scallop-edged biscuit cutters too.

The verdict: These crackers are simple enough to make, taste good, and keep surprisingly well (at least a week). The caveat for me is that I would only make these if I'm NOT also cooking a bunch of other things (like an actual meal). In that case, why on earth make crackers when you can just buy them?

My friend was throwing a cookout, so that was the ideal opportunity to try this out as my small contribution. They're fun, but only if you've got a little free time and feel like an easy baking project. Or you have an extensive biscuit cutter collection.

I used this recipe in The New York Times, but with my own toppings. The lead image features sesame and poppy seeds, along with some dried thyme. The second picture shows sumac (a red-tinted Middle Eastern spice, thyme and sesame seeds. I would also sprinkle flaky or kosher salt on with whatever topping you choose.

I've seen other recipes that call for a pasta roller to make the dough thin and uniform, but I don't think it's necessary. My rolling pin worked well. Finally, I quickly learned that it's important to prick the unbaked crackers with a fork, so they don't puff up in the oven. Are there any cracker makers out there? Have you renounced store bought forever, or do you feel the way I do (fun, but not essential)?


Kitchen Riffs said...

Thanks for writing about this. I saw the recipe in the NYT and thought it looked interesting. But your take is largely identical to mine - could be fun to do, but given the availability of great commercial crackers, probably not a priority. However, it does sound intriguing - I'll probably give this a whirl sometime.

Michelle Dragoo said...

These look really tasty, thanks for the tips about pricking with a fork, always appreciate new tips and ideas.

Doug Barnard said...

They look delicious! Must have an awesome taste and mouthfeel!

Felicia Marquez said...

If there's one thing I like about olive and olive oil, they are so beneficial to the hair and skin and it can make any dish uber-healthy!

Donna Graves said...

What we eat basically reflects what or how good we look like and how healthy are we inside. This could help us maintain the overall condition of our eyes, ears and every part of our body.

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