Thursday, August 05, 2010

Quick Calimyrna Fig Jam

This week, I made two old summer favorites: refrigerator fig jam and peach-blueberry cobbler with cornmeal biscuits. Both were delicious. Follow those links for all the details!

I've been very patiently waiting for a bumper crop of figs to get shipped over from California. My Whole Foods has had them for a few weeks now, but they've always got just a few little, not-so-enticing baskets on display. Then we took a little drive to my favorite Indian grocery store. As soon as I walked through the door, I saw big flat crates of juicy Calimyrna figs at a very nice price. I also got a huge bag of baby bok choy for $1.87 and restocked my supply of pickles and chutneys. That store never fails to make stupidly happy.

Calimyrna figs are light green, so you might mistake them for an under-ripe fig. Nope. If they're soft, especially if they're oozing their figgy juice, they are more than ready to eat. They're very sweet, with a less complex flavor than Black Mission figs, my favorite variety. They also seem to have firmer skins and made a very chunky jam, with most of the pieces remaining intact. I absolutely prefer this over the mushiness of traditional jam. You could think of them as preserved figs more than jam, I guess.

I didn't take a new cobbler photo, but think it may have turned out better than ever this time. I got beautiful fruit at the farmer's market, and the biscuit topping was excellent. Instead of yogurt, I used half a cup of buttermilk, but either one is fine. I made it for dessert, but a couple days later, I had some for breakfast with sweetened Greek yogurt. This is what cobbler is meant for--I'm totally convinced.

Have you done some summery things with figs, blueberries or peaches? Share!


jelena said...

oh I envy you....I once received a figs as preserves with rum and I charrished them since the figs are so rare to find. Beautiful

Pam said...

This sounds delicious! Figs are great and you did used them perfectly. That pizza below looks delicious also! I'm new here and looking forward to future posts!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Julie, I found your blog via Tinkering with Dinner here in Miami. I just made the most divine polenta and fig cake that was to die for! It was an Aussie recipe:

I've also had a friend who is in Italy speak about an eggplant and fig caponata!

I too just restocked at the Indian grocery! Loads of eggplant and lime pickle, papadoms and a big bag of basmati rice. Cheers!

FABRIZIO said...

it sounds good, I'll try!
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