Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grilled Whole Trout

Grilling whole fish is so easy. In fact, I think it's even easier than grilling fillets, because getting great results takes so little effort. With protective skin on both sides for sealing in flavor and a handy center pocket for holding in herbs and seasonings, whole fillets make your job really simple.

The ones in the pictures, both raw and in fully grilled glory, are trout. If you buy them already cleaned (meaning guts and most of the bones removed) like we did, all you have to do is open each fish like a book and sprinkle the flesh with salt and pepper. We also stuffed them with lemons and parsley for a bit more flavor...and because it looks awfully fancy and delicious.

That's our new favorite fish recipe in a nutshell. You'll want to lightly rub the outside of the fish with oil so it doesn't stick to your grill. Then cook them for about 4 to 5 minutes per side over hot coals. This would definitely be pretty enough to serve to friends, AND you can have the fish prepped and seasoned in advance.

Do you ever grill whole fish? I liked the thin, quick-cooking trout, but what other types are good whole on the grill? Tell me what your favorite is and how you season it in the comments.


46hillbilly said...

Try all flat fish. Flounder, sole, any fish will grill as easy. I have grilled trout that I gutted on a willow grill made from an Indian style design. Sort of like a snowshoe.
I have cooked salmon like this, yellow perch as well.

Shandy said...

What a delicious idea! I grill fish fillets quite often, infact I am getting ready to grill salmon fillets cut into portions and make a corn, tomato and avocado relish to go over the top of each fillet. Whole, wild caught Coho salmon is in season right now so I will try that using your technique. Thank you for sharing =)

GiGi said...

I have grilled trout like this before and it's definitely delicious! We stuffed them with sauteed fennel, tomatoes, olives & artichokes - mm mm good!!!

Julie said...

Hillbilly: the snowshoe grill sounds brilliant!
Shandy: When it comes to salmon, I don't even need extra flavors since I like the taste so much. But your relish sounds yummy.
Gigi: I"m on such a fennel kick right now. That's a great way to flavor fish.

Kristian said...

Mackarells are great

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