Monday, August 17, 2009

The New Kitchen

I wanted to give you guys a little peek at my new kitchen. The pros: it is wide open onto the dining/living area, has loads of counter space, and has a view of the Sears Tower from that window over the sink. Cons: there is less cupboard space than one might guess at first glance.

I guess we have only one con, so that's not too bad! My last kitchen, although often tight for two people to cook in at once, had a huge pantry cupboard. It was the perfect catch-all for dry goods, spices, small appliances, linen, snacks and baking supplies. This kitchen features a lazy Susan in the corner, but it is surprisingly less spacious than I hoped.

That's my critical analysis of the kitchen situation. The important thing is that I love our new condo---especially the fab location! The kitchen was actually the first room we unpacked and got up and running. The rest of the place is still full of boxes. I'm in California visiting family now (and before that, we participated a seriously rugged camping adventure), so once I actually spend some time in Chicago, I think I'll finally get it all together!


Andrew's Mom said...

It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new kitchen! It always takes some time to settle into a new space, so embrace the small imperfections and enjoy cooking there.

Ozoz said...

Congratulations. Who says you can't have almost everything. You're just going to have to be creative with storage....if I have any tips I'll come back!

Hillary said...

Congratulations on the new kitchen! It looks beautiful. I know what you mean about pantry space - I spent a most of my college years with little pantry space only to realize this would be the case after moving in.

Ms.Traveling Pants said...

Considering yourself have the microwave already above the stove. Imagine if you didn't.
Good luck!
I am from Wisconsin and believe that Chicago has some great food. It certainly has stepped it up a NOTCH since my childhood.
Ms Traveling Pants

Still hanging my hat in FTLauderdale but spending a lot of time in Hudson Valley

Anonymous said...

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