Friday, July 17, 2009

Cajun Cod with Veggies and Grits

As noted in the last post, Mike and I cooked one meal from scratch in our temporary apartment with virtually no equipment: shrimp n' grits. I knew I'd want to use the grits for future meals, and last night I did the slightest variation on that yummy dish.

You'll be happy to hear that I only made two trips to Whole Foods this week! And the second was mostly to pick up wine, rather than my next meal. After spending $8 on a 4.5-oz. Sockeye salmon fillet at WF on Monday (at least it was tasty--and wild salmon ain't cheap!), I knew I had to stop being lazy and roast my own darn fish. As Cheryl suggested in her comment, I could easily pull off the salmon with chipotle-honey glaze posted right on this here blog.

However, in my quest to do as little as possible with the fewest number of ingredients, I came up with an even simpler solution thanks to my local Dominick's supermarket. Whenever you pick up fresh fish or meat, the lovely staff will either provide a single-use container of marinade or coat your purchase in the seasoning blend of your choice. I went with the Cajun dry rub, and all that remained to be done was pop my fish in the oven (the oven is outfitted with a two-part broiler pan--score!).

I didn't do cheesy grits this time. Although I think shrimp works fine with some cheeses, I tend to shy away from the seafood-dairy combo. I topped it all with sauteed cherry tomatoes, zucchini and garlic. I have to admit, it was better than WF takeout.

So for the next two weeks, I'll try to mix up my grab n' go tendency with some simple home cooking. And I'll try to think of other things to make so I don't have to keep showing you pictures of quick grits (remember, nothing looks all that fabulous photographed on glass plates).

I'm also determined to get to one Chicago's amazing farmer's markets this weekend, but I'm a little worried: seeing things I love that I won't be able to cook the way I'd want to is going to drive me nuts. Yes, I know you don't have to do a lot when you have wonderful fresh ingredients, but don't try to tell me that squash blossoms are just as delectable sauteed in olive oil (make that Pam; I don't have olive oil) as they are stuffed with ricotta and fried. I'm thinking the farmer's market will be a test of my mettle...thank god I can gorge myself on fresh fruit as consolation.


Ms.Traveling Pants said...

Looks like a yumm-o meal. I at first the grits looked like a tortilla (with your presentation). I am originally from Wisconsin so I am always pro cheese.
For an easy summer treat I do lettuce wraps. Brown some ground turkey, spice it up, add peanuts and then serve in chilled lettuce leaves.
Ms Traveling Pants

Julie said...

Ms. Traveling Pants: I know, it's so hard to take a good pic on glass plates...all you see is the table! I love lettuce wraps...haven't made them in a long time. I'm looking for things I can make without investing in a lot of ingredients (like a bottle of soy sauce for example), but that just might work.

Anonymous said...

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