Monday, June 01, 2009

June Cookbook Giveaways!

Photo Credit: Brian Teutsch (creative commons license)

Top 10 reasons to move to Chicago:

1) To shop at the many farmer's markets.

2) To drive less--call me a masochist, but I love public transportation.

3) To eat elk poutine at The Gage as often as possible (That one's for Mike. Mostly).

4) To soak up the Obama mystique.

5) To wear layers! (You can only make so many style statements with tank tops and shorts)

6) To live near a big airport with direct flights going virtually everywhere.

7) To eat at The Bristol and Mercat a la Planxa at will.

8) To buy truffles at Ethel's Chocolate.

9) To have a Ferris Bueller moment at the Art Institute whenever I feel like it.

10) To live in an apartment that allows pets (I'm getting a pug!)

Can you guess why I made that (highly subjective) top 10 list? We're moving to Chicago! If you've ever noticed the subtle jabs I take at Fort Lauderdale occasionally, you'll know that I am very, very happy about this. I love living in big cities. We're not exactly in rural Florida down here, but it's just never felt right for me. Chicago, on the other hand, is an incredible food town (see #s 1, 3, 7 and 8 above)...we can't wait!

So what does this have to do with cookbooks? I'm hoping to be in a yet-to-be-found new apartment by the Fourth of July, but until then life will be full of crazy moving fun. That means less time to cook and occasionally a lot less kitchen. But I'll still have time to blog, making it the perfect opportunity to thank all of you by giving away some recently released cookbooks.

A new prize will be up for grabs each week. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post announcing the giveaway. At the end of the week, I'll use the random integer generator to pick a number, which will correspond to a specific comment. I'll email the winner and send your book as soon as possible. I will probably manage to post a recipe or two this month, as well. At least I hope so! Either way, giving away cookbooks keeps me in touch with you guys and lets me show my appreciation to everyone for reading!

I'm going to announce a new prize every Monday, except for this week when I'll post it on Tuesday. So check back tomorrow (or anytime before Sunday) to see what's up for grabs this week and to enter by leaving a comment. If you receive posts by email, simply scroll to the bottom and click on "comments" to get straight to the comment section on

And in the meantime, who lives in Chicago? Any advice? Once we get settled, I'd love to meet up. Perhaps you will give me a tour of your favorite ethnic market/gourmet shop/wine shop/coffee shop (yes, I'm dying to know all your local foodie secrets). Drop me a line at aminglingoftastes AT gmail DOT com.


Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

Oh how fun! I can hardly wait to see what the goodie of the week is. Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful give-a-way.

Praying your move is a smooth one.

~Warm Cozy Wishes

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway! Sometime a printed cookbook is just more inspiring than searching the web. I hope you enjoy Chicago!

Mimi's Poor Blog said...

I'm so jealous, people think living in Santa Barbara is great, but we don't have all the things you love about chicago! Happy moving!

Txeizs said...

Chicago! Make Greek Town one of your firsts :) Good luck with your move!

Anonymous said...

We'll roll out the red carpet for you!

-Dave. (In Chicago.)

Kalyn said...

Congratulations! My brother lived in Chicago for many years and I always loved visiting him. The winters can be a little challenging, but there are so many great things there. One restaurant I'd highly recommend is Greek Islands; I've had many good meals there.

Lynn said...

My son lives in Chicago and loves it! He sold his car and takes public transportation or rides his bike downtown to work. You will enjoy it! It's a young person's town, full of life and opportunity, and food! We visit as often as we can-- next time will be in August.

Mark Scarbrough said...

I LOVE Chicago. Spent second and third grade there. And then went to grad school in Madison. (Don't even get me started on how much I love Madison--and its farmers' market.) I can't wait to hear about Chi-town. What a lovely adventure. Many good wishes on the move.

trina said...

I LOVE Chicago! I go every year, and in my future dream life (hopefully soon), I plan to divide my time between Chicago and MIA. The people are lovely, so much produce in the plentiful farmers' markets, tons to are making a great choice! I'll be there soon if you want to get together. I can show you my fave spots!

Patricia said...

I definitely miss Chicago since I moved to TN 31 years ago. My husband and I are both born and raised there. We come back each year for a true city experience and great food. We are seriously looking into moving back in spite of the frigid winters!