Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter Menus

I am back from the IACP conference in Denver and slowly recovering from 5 days of talking about food, writing about food, and especially eating food. Really good food. And now Easter is just a few days away. Wanna know what I want for the holiday? Bourbon. I went to a fantastic seminar/tasting at the conference (which I'll post about later), and I've been having happy Bourbon dreams ever since.

Wanna know what I'll actually have for Easter? Turkey. But not just any turkey--full-on Thanksgiving roast turkey with all the trimmings. It's for a magazine assignment, and I'm sort of looking forward to it. It's not unusual for magazines to work 6 or more months ahead, especially when it comes to holiday stories. Luckily, I bought an extra bag of fresh cranberries and stuck them in the freezer, in case of emergency.

I will, however, miss cooking an Easter ham. It's what we always ate when I was growing up, so it just feels like the right thing to have on Easter. For those who celebrate Easter, do you have a specific food tradition?

If you're in search of ideas, I put together a brunch menu and a lunch/dinner menu from my archives. This was fun to do and makes me want to cook this stuff, turkey or no turkey! Oh, well. Maybe I'll try a ham in a week or two after all the turkey leftovers are finished.

A Mingling of Tastes Easter Brunch


Anonymous said...

When we were growing up, it was always ham at Easter. Since the small-town grocery where we used to buy exceptional hams closed about ten years ago, my sister and I have changed up the menu. I'm doing a boneless leg of lamb this year.

Amy said...

My aunt always cooked ham for Easter. She was a terrible cook. Lumpy mashed potatoes and underbaked dinner rolls accompanied it. Not surprisingly, that's not what I serve anymore! We're having leg of lamb.

alison Lewis said...


This egg dish looks delicious and I love the idea of Romaine Pesto! I am so glad I was able to meet you in Denver and check out your blog! Best, Alison

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