Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ham Biscuits! (and Denver)

Mmmm, biscuits. Now add ham--and cheese if you want--and you have something even better: a ham biscuit. The idea comes from Southern cuisine, but I used my favorite cornmeal biscuits (click on that link, people; they're so good, ham or no). This would be a nice way to use up leftover Easter ham.

Right now, I'm in Denver for the International Association of Culinary Professionals conference. It starts tomorrow, and is filled with 4 days of culinary seminars and networking with folks in all areas of the food industry. I'm so excited! Of all the sessions I signed up for, I think I'm most looking forward to "Bison is Big" and "Bourbon: America's Native Spirit." I have to admit that I'll feel very snazzy once I become a Bourbon expert!

Denver is a lot of fun. I've been here a couple times before on business trips. I made reservations for one of my favorite restaurants, Rioja, over a month ago, and I can almost taste the gnocchi and pork belly. Tonight I had a yummy, light sushi dinner at Sonoda's in LoDo. And my last Denver tip for the day: The free shuttle bus on the 16th Street Mall downtown is genius.

I'll keep you posted about what I'm learning (and eating!) here at the conference. Or you can follow me on twitter @JulieTastes. But in the meantime, you can gaze at that lovely ham biscuit.

Have any of you spent time in Denver? Do you live in Denver? If so, what do you think about the downtown area? I haven't really been very far outside of that downtown mall area and the LoDo district. And if you can recommend a fun brew pub with good food in downtown, I would be thrilled!


Anonymous said...

Skip Sonodas - low-grade chain restaurant sushi. Go to Sushi Sasa or Sushi Den if you have your heart set on sushi. Check out Vesta Dipping Grill - delicious!

Anonymous said...

My favorite ham biscuit = sweet potato biscuit w/ham and a little bit of horseradish -- we served mini ones at receptions - so good and great for breakfast the next day

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the sushi tip. I live in Denver, but in general I'm not a huge fan of downtown. For a brewpub, try the Wynkoop Brewery at 18th & Wynkoop. The beer is good, food is hearty. If you're up for a venture just east of downtown, you might want to try some of the food on 17th Street in the Uptown neighborhood. You'll also find some great restaurants on 6th Avenue, east of Speer (Table 6, Fruition).