Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meyer Lemons

Happy weekend, everyone! Today is the first weekend day in a while that I'm not doing any work. That won't be the case tomorrow, but what are you gonna do... That's not a very good lead into this post about Meyer lemons, but they need no introduction beyond that lovely photo.

It's still the season for this sweet, aromatic lemon hybrid, so if you're lucky enough to find them in your area, take advantage. They are grown mostly in California and Florida and by lucky people who may have a backyard Meyer lemon tree of their own. I wrote about them for National Public Radio last week, so click over to learn more about them and get my recipes for...

  • Meyer lemon compote with dates
  • Roasted root vegetables with Meyer lemons
  • Meyer lemon bars
There's also an audio interview you can listen to of me elaborating on this unique citrus. Next week, I vow to resume a regular posting schedule...I've been in the weeds lately, I know. Thank you for bearing with me and leaving such nice comments!


zorra said...

I just heard the podcast and had to make your Lemon Bars for my birthday. If you would like to have a look:

Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

Hillary said...

Here's what I made with meyer lemons this year: lemon ricotta cookies.

Julie said...

Zorra: Thanks!
Hillary: Gawd, those look incredible. Please send a dozen:) Really, though, I"m saving that recipe for next year.

Sylvia said...

Oh how I love Meyer Lemons! There is nothing like them. I think lemon pies are absolutely amazing when you use Meyers.. And you can never have a bad picture of these beauties!

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