Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October is Book Giveaway Month! And the 1st winner is...

I love October. I think a lot of people do because of the beautiful fall weather, the chance to make soups and roasts, and the last moments of calm before the holiday season starts. I love it for those reasons too, but also because it's my birthday month.

After I posted the last book giveaway, it hit me that I should do this all month. My birthday's coming, so I'm going to give gifts to you. Sounds a little saccharine, I know, but I really do love October, and this just makes it more fun. I have a pile of recently released cookbooks that need to be reviewed, and I'll use the same method to give them away as I did for The Flavor Bible.

Speaking of which, the winner is Katelyn, who also blogs at Katelyn's Food! So send your mailing address to aminglingoftastes @ gmail .com (no spaces of course! just typed it that way to elude web crawlers) by Friday, and your book will be on the way. If anyone is curious, I used this random integer generator to choose the winner by assigning a number to each comment.

By the way, I absolutely loved reading everyone's tips and tricks for punching up flavor in your cooking. I learned a lot, and was impressed at the diversity of answers, from good old-fashioned salt and pepper, to pickle juice, to nutmeg in savory dishes. Check them out if you haven't yet.

Want to know what the next book giveaway will be? You'll have to wait for the next post. If you want to make sure you never miss a post, you can sign up to receive new posts by email. Just use the box in the upper left sidebar, right below my glamour shot:) Your email address will never be shared or used for dubious purposes!

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Christie's Corner said...

Random number generator? Fascinating and oh, so fair. Great idea -- even if I didn't win. :-)

Another great idea, she says segueing neatly to the next point, is subscribing to your blog via a feedreader like Bloglines or Google Reader so you can read all the blogs you subscribe to in one place. Email works for lots of people, but I find my box too cluttered and prefer a feed.