Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Green Black Red Book Giveaway Winner!

Is everyone enjoying October, my favorite month? By the 67 comments in the last post on favorite fall dishes, it definitely sounds like you are! Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment to inspire me to get cooking!

I announced last week's book giveaway winner while watching the presidential debate (which was kind of a snooze, right?), and here I am again this week--except tonight, I'm going to vote! Did you know that anyone can vote by absentee ballot, whether you're away from your polling place on election day or not (at least you can in FL, and I think it's true in other states)? I requested my absentee ballot a few weeks ago, and now it's here and ready to go (it looks like a flashback to the SAT's, except with more folding involved).

I won't be traveling on election day, but I would like to miss out on the crowds, the waiting in line and the funny little curtained voting booths. It's definitely a bit of a thrill to vote in the traditional way, especially if it's your first time, but I'm over it. Requesting an absentee ballot from your supervisor of elections means you can vote at your leisure and not have to worry about being too busy on November 4. One more public service announcement: if you want to vote in person, many states offer early voting--even on weekends! So, there's no excuse not to cast your vote.

I'm officially done with my spiel and happy to say, we have a winner! By the grace of the random number generator, Lori from California--who blogs at The Recipe Girl-- wins a copy of Green Black Red, filled with fabulous ideas for cooking with grapes. Email me at aminglingoftastes @ gmail .com by Monday, and your book will be on the way.

I have another giveaway coming soon, since I've decided October is the month I'll give away as many free books as I can to you, my lovely readers. But, for my next post I actually have a recipe to write about. It feels very fall-ish, although I can eat this food anytime. Here's a hint: they blow up like balloons and are easy enough for the baking-impaired.

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RecipeGirl said...

Yay! I'm so very excited. I never usually win anything :)

Will email you... thanks so much!!