Monday, June 02, 2008

Nobu Miami Highlights

Interior of Nobu in South Miami Beach
On Memorial Day weekend, Mike and I went to Key West, so no cooking was done. In case you were wondering, the much written about Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory makes a very delicious product—both simple whipped cream topped (my preference), as well as meringue topped. So, that’s one reason I don’t have a recipe to write about today. Next, in case you’re not intimately up to speed on the details of my life ☺, I’m a freelance writer, and I do a lot of articles that involve recipe developing. At the moment, a lot of my cooking is work-related, which is great, but makes for some odd meals (muffins for dinner, anyone?). Add to that the fact that my husband isn’t home on weeknights, so I have no one to cook for but me.

Normally, we cook quite a bit on the weekend, generating most of my blog material, but this past one was an exception. Saturday was the 6-year anniversary of our first date (we will never stop celebrating this despite also having a wedding anniversary), so we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Nobu in Miami. I’m writing this on Sunday morning, and I’m still full, but not in a bad way. We figured we’d go all out and ordered the omakase tasting menu, which was definitely the right call. There was not a single dish that was merely good—all were stellar and delicious and completely new to us. This is what we ate:

- Octopus carpaccio with slivered red onion and sea vegetable

- Barely seared Tasmanian sea trout (so rich and buttery) with mizuna, paper thin veggies and jalapeno sauce

- Oysters topped with toro tartare and a tiny wonton chip

- Jumbo prawn tempura wrapped in crispy shredded phyllo with a red chile sauce and heirloom tomato stack

- Duck breast (cooked rare) with foie gras mousse, cured orange and a foam made from a root vegetable, I think, possibly with horseradish. There were a couple other elements on the plate, like a citrus jelly.

- Miso-lobster “cappuccino” soup—broth topped with foam tasting slightly sweet of lobster and sharp and salty of miso—with a tempura crab claw.

- Sushi: this was the final savory course, and it lived up to my expectations. Perfect pieces of sea urchin, toro (fatty tuna—like seafood bacon), rockfish, mackerel and yellowtail.

- Dessert—maybe maybe the best restaurant dessert I’ve ever had: Passion fruit jelly with acai sorbet and whipped yogurt cream. The sweet, thick fruit preserve; the mild, nutty sorbet; and the tangy, light yogurt were symphonically good.

I thought about just describing my very favorites, but it was too hard to narrow down the list. Plus, it’s nice to get it all written up before I forget what we had. Keep in mind that these were small tasting portions, so it is not as gluttonous as it sounds! Also, there was almost no starch, which is one very nice and healthful aspect of Japanese food.

I wish I had pictures to help convey how interesting and wonderful the food was, but I was there in the name of hedonism and celebration, not investigation. And I do feel a little weird snapping away in restaurants—if that’s even possible due to lighting—you know? Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share. We’ve never had a meal like this before—it was a treat I will remember for a long time. This is the kind of dining out that I might opt to do about once a year, but it was incredible fun! If you've had a all-out spectacular restaurant experience lately, tell us about it in the comments!

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Mallika said...

Oooh, sounds lovely. I recently had a similar enormous Japanese dinner at a very stylish new place in London.

Sarah said...

Your experience takes the cake! I have had lovely meals at Eduardo de San Angel in Fort Lauderdale. When my husband and I go there, it's usually to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. The ceviche is divine; it's perfectly balanced between the flavors of lime, jalepeno, and fish. Eduardo's ancho chile crepe with cuitlacoche is another one of my favorites. The service is always warm and well-timed. My goodness, this makes me want to set reservations there right now!

Julie said...

Mallika: You make me miss London:)
Sarah: Eduardo is great, isn't it! We've only been there once, but it was a lovely meal, and the place is so cozy and intimate.

Acai said...

That acai dessert sounds incredibly good.