Thursday, February 01, 2007

Everyone Loves Meyer Lemons!

I've never been too focused on keeping up with the latest trends, but it was gratifying to see that Mingling happened to be ahead of the foodie curve in the case of Meyer lemons. We've been sipping these Meyer Lemon Drop Martinis since December, but this article was just published in Wednesday's New York Times Food & Dining section:

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Pasta & Confit

It does feature some enticing recipes, including a shortbread tart with confit of Meyer lemon filling. I think Nic's Foolproof Lemon Tart on Baking Sheet that I reproduced here is an even better bet if you manage to get your hands on these lovely seasonal lemons. The February issue of Gourmet also extolls their virtues and features a recipe for a Meyer lemon souffle that I would like to try.

Never mind that the mainstream food media does stories on Meyer lemons every winter; I'm just going to consider this little blog a trendsetter... at least until the next food fascination comes along.

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Phil said...

I'm a big fan of the zest. I did some Meyer lemon infused vodka and made Cosmos with it:

Lis said...

As you should! I never really thought much about Meyer lemons until I saw your recipes using them. Now I'm searching high and low for them - but NO ONE has them. *sigh*

Exactly which months are they available?

Julie said...

Phil: Infused vodka sounds fancy! Nice work!
Lis: They're grown in CA, TX and FL primarily, and generally available Nov-Jan. but the season can extend to April. Here's some interesting info about them:
Meyer Lemon Facts from Splendid Table

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

And here I am in Texas and I've never seen them in the regular grocery only at Central Market and Whole Foods.

Kristen said...

We love lemondrop martinis, but always add sugar to the martini as well as the lemon. I wonder if using a Meyer would eliminate the need for sugar. It sure sounds like it would!

Christine said...

Your post is indeed ahead of the curve. As I write this, a box of Meyers are on their way to me from my friends in Winters, CA, where the lemons grow in abundance.
Phil's lemon infused vodka has my interest piqued as does Gourmet's souffle. Good post!

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