Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meyer Lemon Tart

Before I continue the love affair with Meyer lemons, I want to apologize for not posting as often as usual for the past few weeks. This is not due to any drama in my life, but to the new Blogger software. I’ve only been able to publish sporadically because they are having a problem accommodating blogs who have their own domain and use an FTP program. Right now, all we can do is manually upload new posts through our FTP program, but I can't receive comments because Blogger sets up the comment message board. As always, you can email comments to me at aminglingoftastes @ gmail dot com. Thank you for bearing with me…now, on to the tasty stuff.

The first time I had even heard of a Meyer lemon was in one of the many food magazines I read, and since then I have wanted to test their miraculous lemony properties for myself. As I attempted to illustrate in the previous post, Meyer lemons contain pure lemon flavor that exists in the absence of acidity. In icy-cold martinis, as well as in baked goods, this can be quite a boon.

Unless you’re going for sour, in a key lime pie for instance, that tongue-numbing, lip-puckering, cheek-burning citrus kick is not going to do you any favors. True, a tart made with regular lemons is not going to send anyone running from the table. But, when I used the Meyers in this simple tart, it was all lemony sweetness, and the lemon flavor tasted more complex without the sour tang that tends to take over.

This recipe comes from the blog, baking bites. I’ve made two baking bites recipes in the past month (the other was these pear muffins), and both have been perfect. Nicole calls this tart “foolproof” and I think she’s right. I was a little impatient and did not handle the buttery, lemon-flavored dough with much finesse, and the finished product still looked and tasted wonderful. The only change I made to the recipe was adding a scant ¼ tsp. of salt to both the pastry and to the lemon filling. I also used an 11-inch tart pan instead of a 9-inch to no detriment whatsoever. With only two of us around to eat it, this tart was kept for a full week at room temperature and did not suffer at all from overly soggy crust.

If you don’t go for lemon tarts, look through the baking bites archives and see what else strikes your fancy. And go get some Meyer lemons before they are gone till next year!

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