Monday, January 08, 2007

Meyer Lemon Drop Martini

Picture this:

You slowly sidle up to the bar, resting your forearms on its smooth oak surface as you settle yourself onto a stool. Your shoulder lightly brushes against the attractive gentleman (or lady) on the stool beside you, as he greets you with an eager smile and a kiss on the cheek.

You lean back in your chair, languidly tossing your hair over your should and say, “What a day,” as your chest rises and falls with a gentle sigh.

Your companion motions for the bartender and asks what you’d like to drink.

“Lemon Drop,” you reply.

You anticipate the sensation of the cold, smooth liquid on your tongue as the bartender expertly prepares the cocktail. He slides the drink towards you, and you lift it to your lips as the moisture from the icy glass drips down the stem like sweat, wetting your fingertips. You pause, holding the rim of the glass centimeters from your lips and look up at your companion as the corners of your mouth curve into a sly smile, full of promise for the evening ahead.

Your eyes lock with his as you take a slow, full sip of your drink. Suddenly, you register the harsh, sour sting of the lemon juice. You hastily set the drink back down on the bar, spilling a sip or two with your clumsy movement. You scrunch up your nose, pushing your eyes into a squint as the acidic liquid burns the inside of your cheeks. You press your chin downward into your neck as you force yourself to swallow. You open your mouth and take a big breath and rub your watery eyes, leaving a black smear of eye makeup along your cheek.

“What’s wrong?” asks your bewildered companion.

“I didn't expect that drink to be so sour,” you answer.

“We can send it back,” your companion suggests helpfully.

“Good idea,” you say, as you smile sheepishly and order a beer.

Has this ever happened to you or to someone you care about? If this mood killing, awkward scenario could be prevented with one simple ingredient substitution, you’d do it right?

I’m happy to say that no one need suffer a painfully sour Lemon Drop Martini ever again thanks to the Meyer lemon. With pure lemon flavor, but none of the pucker, Meyers are perfect for a lemon cocktail. They are only in season during the winter months, so look for them now. If you can’t bear the sour bite of regular lemons, this drink is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy it after a long day with someone special.

Meyer Lemon Drop Martini
Adapted from Martha Stewart Living.
Serves 2

2 oz. simple syrup made with zest of 1 Meyer lemon (see below)
Juice of 2 Meyer lemons
3 oz. vodka

To make the simple syrup, combine 1 oz. water, 1 oz. sugar (measure in a cocktail jigger) and the lemon zest in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until sugar dissolves.

In a cocktail shaker, combine a handful of ice, the lemon juice, vodka and simple syrup. Shake vigorously and strain into 2 chilled martini glasses.

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Rachel said...

This looks marvelous!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Julie, I love the way you write. I was able to picture the couple, the poor woman (that's how I pictured it) almost fainting with the drink and feeling totally embarrassed by that... lol

It's been hot here lately and this drink would be wonderful.

Lis said...

Oh yeah baby.. now that's what I'm talkin' about. =)

Janelle said...

Yes, have had my puckering experiences! If you love lemon drops as much as my do (and thank god all my relatives love them too, I just keep them coming), then you might like a Ginger Lemon Drop. Just make a ginger simple syrup and add it to the lemon drop: zesty fun!

Maureen said...

We make lemon drops all the time. Although, sadly we can never find Meyer lemons. Can't wait to try one of those someday. We add a splash of triple sec or contreau to cut the "pucker factor". :)

Christine said...

You've got a steamy novel in you, girl! Can't wait for it to hit the bookstore. :)
Love the Lemon Drop too!

Tim said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe and the story! I love the martini glasses - where are they from?

Julie said...

Thanks all! Ginger-lemon drops are a great idea, Janelle. Tim, I got those glasses at Urban Outfitters about 3 years ago, but since then I've seen similar ones around.

Barb said...

I have only recently become aware of this particular drink and have been looking for the recipe. This recipe calls for the juice of 2 Meyer lemons. I just "harvested" my entire crop of Meyer lemons which was a grand total of 2, and I decided to juice them. The yield of these two lemons was nearly a cup and a half of juice (they were the size of grapefruits). Maybe you should be more specific on the amount of lemon juice....:=)

Julie said...

Wow, you must have the biggest, juiciest Meyer lemons ever. That's great! But you're right, I should be more specific about the quantity. I'll have my husband measure next time he makes these drinks. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Bud Kelly said...

I had friends over last night for my first annual Lemon MartiniFest and we harvested my Meyer Lemon's.
This is a great recipe and the martini's were enjoyed by all.
Thanks for sharing

monifa said...

Meyer lemons are my absolute favorite! I added the ginger and that really gave it that extra umph!

whabbear said...

Julie: We just discovered Meyer lemon martinis by accident at a friends' party in Palm Springs over New Years, as they have a tree in their backyard. What a yummy, yummy drink! :)

Peter P said...

This is so good and delicious, thanks for the recipe, I also need to know how to tighten skin?