Friday, December 01, 2006

Creamy Butterfinger Pie

This is Anna's Chocolate Butterfinger Cream Pie, and it restored my faith in baking. Maybe that is because there is barely any baking involved, but why split hairs? Here's the thing: I was coming off of a string of homemade desserts that just did not send me over the moon. A chocolate cake recipe that turned dry and hard, a chocolate torte that didn't bake evenly... and all this after the fruit pie debacles of the past summer. I was feeling demoralized about my baking skills, but most of all, I just wanted to eat an insanely good dessert that was worth every calorie. I am stringent about only eating desserts that taste absolutely delicious to me. Anything else is just a waste.

I have a predilection for chocolate; in fact, sometimes a dessert cannot truly satisfy me unless chocolate is involved. I also love creamy things: whip cream, icing, mousse. But not ice cream- it's too cold. I admit that I am very picky about what I eat, but it is because I love food and aim to enjoy every last bite. That is why my bad baking streak was so painful. I just wanted something tasty!

Well, this pie did the trick. I saw it on Anna's great baking blog, Cookie Madness, and was enthralled. Imagine a homemade Oreo crust, a rich base of silky chocolate topped with a layer of crushed Butterfingers folded into cream cheese, flavored with butterscotch and lightened with cool whip. I don't think I've ever used so many prepared food items in a recipe before, but I don't care! If you're wearing your 'food snob' hat, fling it off and make this pie!

I even got to practice my previously nonexistent piping skills with the remaining cool whip and a ziploc bag. There's also a secret ingredient that no one eating this pie will ever guess- silken tofu. You blend it with melted chocolate chips to make the chocolate layer, and it sets up to a smooth, yet firm texture. I used semisweet chips, but I thought the flavor was a bit intense next to the lighter Butterfinger layer, although Mike didn't mind it at all. I might use a little less chocolate or go with milk chocolate next time.
I want to thank Anna, a really talented and prolific baker, for her recipe. Visit her blog everyday because she is always doing something wonderful and giving insightful baking tips. The dessert curse is officially broken, and not a minute too soon for holiday baking season!


peabody said...

Yummy. This looks fantastic.

Lis said...

I'm so glad you have the faith again! hehe That pie looks hella-good! I love Anna's blog too.. she comes up with the best stuff :D

Ivonne said...

Oh. Wow.

Julie ... I have to try this. It looks delicious!

sandi@ the whistlestop cafe said...

Looks fantastic...I will have to try this butterfinger pie.

Julie said...

Thanks, all. I know everyone's tastes in desserts are subjective, but this one totally did it for me!

Kristen said...

Wow - that looks fantastic. How can anything with those ingredients combined be bad though?

I may have to try this one out on my girlfriends. I'm sure it will be a hit!

Kat said...

This butterfinger pie looks amazing. I will definitely have to try it. Totally worth all the calories!

Foxy Chick said...

WOW!!! It looks delicious.
I am so going to try it.