Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Most Entertaining Recipe I've Seen in a Long Time

Who doesn't crave familiar, comforting food, especially after a long holiday weekend? Surely even the most skilled cooks occasionally like to fall back on a meal that is so simple to prepare it requires little more equipment than a spoon, a saucepan and a toaster. I came across a certain kitchen maverick who did just that. Without further ado, check out this recipe for Bunnies & Dogs, complete with fantastic illustrative step-by-step photos. Don't worry, this IS safe for vegetarians.

One disclaimer: This blog belongs to my fabulous sister- and brother-in-law. I think they're tired of me being known as the gourmet in the family. I'm going to have to start making my recipes more entertaining to compete with this...


christine said...

Hi Julie,
I went to Meg n Scott's blog. Very funny post. I had no idea that Bunnies & Dogs would be what it turned out to be. Very clever family you've got there.
BTW: I find your posts plenty entertaining!

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