Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Match Made in Heaven

I made a grocery list and my husband added on some extra items. Aren’t we a pair?

Honest, I did not make this up.

Do you have a bizarre or embarrassing shopping list stuck to the fridge or buried in your handbag? Or an unintentional comedy moment involving food? Leave a comment or send me an email. Evidently, these things can be both funny and revealing…

By the way, I recently realized that I had my comment settings fixed so that you have to have a blogger account to comment. Oy! No wonder I haven't gotten much feedback on here... Now anyone can leave a comment and you can even do it anonymously... unless you're stalking me.


Julie said...

Not unintentional humor, but my husband (also a Mike) likes to amuse himself by adding items to do lists that I've left sitting around. Thinks like 'treat Mike like a king' or some X-rated activity.

Then he likes to tell me that I never do the things on my to do list.

Amy Sherman said...

That is hilarious! If that doesn't sum up man/woman differences I don't know what does.

Jennifer said...

Too funny. My husband likes to write things on shopping lists "in code" or with strange spellings. It does at least provide some entertainment while shopping.

BTW, I just happened upon your site. Very nice! Yummy food!!!

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