Monday, July 10, 2006

Seattle: A Whirlwind Foodie Tour

I just visited Washington for the first time to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding. The wedding itself was wonderful, but the days beforehand spent gathered with family were also an absolute blast. The soon to be bride and groom, Meg and Scott, picked us up when we arrived in Seattle and took us to Pike’s Place Market. I was in heaven. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Fort Lauderdale, let me tell you that we have nothing like that here! At the Pike's Place fish stalls, the vendors literally throw your order over the counter to the guy who wraps it up and collects your money which always draws a crowd of tourists. The spectacle and the gorgeous scenery are great, but I loved the variety of farm-fresh and artisanal food items—organic raspberries, baby leeks, fresh donuts, charcuterie, handmade cheese. I could have spent hours checking out all the stalls and shops, but it was a rather dark, chilly day and we had wedding planning to do! As much as I liked Seattle, I love the sun and the Florida beaches where the ocean is aquamarine and feels like bath water this time of year. To my utter delight, I did find fresh figs at the market and bought the ripest ones they had to eat with some semi-hard, aged goat cheese from Beecher's later that night.

Look the crabs at that fish stall. You should have seen the size of the lobster tails--whoa, Nelly!
One of the many food stalls.
That's the original Starbuck's store. Ah, the humble beginnings of a corporate behemoth.
Beecher's cheese store was fantastic. The employees are super-helpful and knowledgeable about their products.
After spending the afternoon in Seattle, we headed to a rental house on Lake Samish in Bellingham, near to where the wedding would be held. My mother-in-law got some beautiful cod for fish tacos, so Mike and I got busy on the awesome charcoal grill. The picture above is the view from the deck of the lake house.

That's me working the grill. Since cod is so flaky and fragile we oiled it up and grilled it on foil. We had no problems with fish sticking to the grill, and it tasted great.

After their long day of showing us around Seattle, Meg and Scott do some last-minute work on their ceremony with our Uncle Ken, the officiant.

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